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Hello all!

It’s been a while since we wrote in… For some reason, after a certain parking lot scene, we didn’t feel the need to recap anything anymore.

BUT we hear that Callie may have a new love interest coming. We weren’t too thrilled when Meredith’s new intern friend was cozying up to Callie, and the new ped surgeon won’t replace Erica at all. However, we still love Sara Ramirez and Callie, so from now on we will start up our recaps again. We’ll also keep everyone on the know of any Sara/Callie news.


Here’s a sneek peek at tonight’s episode:



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1. Callie defends Izzie?
2. Erica all of a sudden decides that Callie can’t be “kind-of a lesbian” ??

BAD, baaaaaad choices from the writers!

We’ll have all the clips from the episode up on Saturday. In the meantime, feel free to go complain to ABC by clicking here.

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Last night, Michael Ausiello added this little spoiler to his website:

Question: What the heck about Brooke Smith leaving on Grey’s Anatomy? And her last episode is this Thursday? And Hahn’s final scene consists of her leaving work for the day? Insanity. — Keith
I’m going to give Shonda Rhimes the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s intentionally leaving Hahn’s exit ambiguous and, therefore, open to interpretation. Sort of like the Sopranos finale. Did Hahn get shot to death on the way to the parking garage? Did she pull a Thelma & Louise and drive her car off a cliff? Did the hospital’s automatic doors malfunction and decapitate her? Did she return to Weeds? The possibilities are endless. Personally, I’m leaning toward the Thelma & Louise scenario. According to one of my Grey’s moles, Callie and Erica have a relationship-severing blowout in tomorrow’s episode that starts with an argument over whether Izzie paid a big enough price for her role in Denny-gate, and ends with Callie realizing she doesn’t love girls as much as Erica does. Hey, people have killed themselves over less.

The news just keep getting worse! Does this call for a boycott of the show, after Brooke leaves?

P.S. Any news that you might have heard of Sara Ramirez also leaving the show are said to be completely untrue…

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Yiii! This episode started right off with a scene Callica fans everywhere had been waiting for!

But (and why must there always be a but?) we quickly learn that Callie didn’t have such a great time.

Erica, on the other hand, had a whole lot of fun.

So Callie goes to none other than Mark for a little advice.

And then tells Erica that she can’t do it. Ouch!

Next comes the scene that angered many Callica fans out there: Callie asking Mark (a MAN) to show her how it’s done.

Four words: Take off your pants. 😀

Next week, Callie tests a theory.

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