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Hello all!

It’s been a while since we wrote in… For some reason, after a certain parking lot scene, we didn’t feel the need to recap anything anymore.

BUT we hear that Callie may have a new love interest coming. We weren’t too thrilled when Meredith’s new intern friend was cozying up to Callie, and the new ped surgeon won’t replace Erica at all. However, we still love Sara Ramirez and Callie, so from now on we will start up our recaps again. We’ll also keep everyone on the know of any Sara/Callie news.


Here’s a sneek peek at tonight’s episode:



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1. Callie defends Izzie?
2. Erica all of a sudden decides that Callie can’t be “kind-of a lesbian” ??

BAD, baaaaaad choices from the writers!

We’ll have all the clips from the episode up on Saturday. In the meantime, feel free to go complain to ABC by clicking here.

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Callica. One bed. Two ugly nightgowns.

That’s how that latest Grey’s Anatomy started off.

Callie calls on Mark, again, to check out her sexual orientation.

And finds out that it’s just as good with him.

But shouldn’t there be a difference?

Honesty is the best policy, right?

At the end of the day, Mark is good for more than just sex.

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Yiii! This episode started right off with a scene Callica fans everywhere had been waiting for!

But (and why must there always be a but?) we quickly learn that Callie didn’t have such a great time.

Erica, on the other hand, had a whole lot of fun.

So Callie goes to none other than Mark for a little advice.

And then tells Erica that she can’t do it. Ouch!

Next comes the scene that angered many Callica fans out there: Callie asking Mark (a MAN) to show her how it’s done.

Four words: Take off your pants. 😀

Next week, Callie tests a theory.

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Brave New World

In this fourth (but really third) episode of Grey’s Anatomy’s fifth season, there was promise of the first official Callica date. And boy, oh boy, did they deliver!

It all started with Erica helping Callie move to the new apartment, and asking her on a date at the same time.

Callie is wayyy nervous about the date, and might not want to go through with it.

So she seeks advice from Bailey. Why? We might never know!

Next comes a very short and sweet scene:

Bailey to the rescue!

Again, they save the best scene for last.. The long-awaited date!

Next week, expect to see Callie ask Mark for help.

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Here Comes the Flood

After a two week wait, we get the second episode of Grey’s Anatomy’s fifth season!

Let’s get right into it. In the first clip, Erica and Mark talk briefly before the chief’s meeting.

After that, Erica goes to tell Callie that Mark is in the know.

Later, Erica tries to talk to Callie again but Mark interrupts:

At the end of the episode, we learn that Christina and Callie will be moving to another apartment. The best scene of the whole night comes next.

The best quote of Here Comes the Flood was by far Erica’s closing line, “I think I just hate him because he’s seen you naked.”
Next week’s gonna be gooood!

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95 days. That’s how long we had to wait. 95 long days between the season 4 finale and the new season’s start! Much happened in the two-hour premiere… But let’s leave the odd dreams, the new faces, and the sometimes altogether weird storylines (an icicle can stab someone?? And didn’t Christina have more than enough time to move out of the way?!) to other blogs and focus on our beloved Callica!

Their first scene was quite short and didn’t have any dialogue but the awkwardness was adorable.


The second Callica scene was also very funny, making “Only I use the Internet” one of the best quotes of the night.


The third scene is where we started seeing the Callica we had been waiting for. The writers used the same technique as in season 4’s finale where Callie’s talk about the patient may very well reflect on how she is feeling towards Erica. Sara’s acting is flawless!!


And finally the last Callica scene of the night. Fantastic dialogue and such great chemistry between them!


Although Callica seemed to have taken the backseat for this episode, there were some great scenes!

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